No More Chain Twists, EVER!

Are you like me and when you see a pattern that says:

Start by chaining X amount and join chain without twists.

Your next reaction is to throw your hook across the room because you know this will probably be the most frustrating part of the pattern? I swear my chain would always end up have one dang twist and I would need to start over. It’s so frustrating!

Well, here is an awesome tip to save your sanity! read more…

Single Crochet Rows That Mimic Rounds!

Have you ever been working on a crochet piece in the round using the single crochet stitch and then needed to work in row? Like if you need sleeves or for overalls. Once the single crochet stitch is worked in rows it no longer is the same stitch visually. The texture and density of the stitch is different and it’s noticeable. Playing around with my crochet hook this week I found a way to reverse the single crochet row stitch a bit so it better mimics the look of working in the round. read more…

Invisible Single Crochet Decrease

The Invisible Decrease

This last week I posted a short video clip of the Amigurumi¬†Single Crochet Decrease. Also known as the Invisible Decrease. This quick tip can improve your crochet work with a cleaner and smoother single crochet decrease. This can be used on all sorts of project, especially crochet dolls, toys, and hats.¬† read more…

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